Winding Tree

Winding Tree

Travel Distribution Without Intermediaries

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What is Winding Tree?

Winding Tree makes travel cheaper for travelers and more profitable for providers. How? By removing middlemen from the equation, that's what blockchains were designed to do. Read our white paper to learn more.

We're Hiring

We're looking to add a few smart people to to the team: blockchain programmers, database experts, developer experience evangelists, etc. Please send an email to [email protected], if you are interested.

Launch Partners

We already have a few launch partners, airlines, PMSs and hotels, but we are always looking for more, in order to seed the marketplace. Email [email protected] for more information.

Call for Collaboration

Our goal is to create a platform that anyone will be able to use in order to buld their applications on top of. If you are interested to learn how you can use Winding Tree in your travel project, please reach out via [email protected], join our Slack and check out the code on GitHub.


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