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Travel distribution without intermediaries

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Líf Token Presale

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The Líf token presale is scheduled to take place on September 18th, but travel companies may already pre-purchase tokens with a bonus.

Winding Tree is the future of travel

Winding Tree makes travel cheaper for individual travelers and more profitable for providers.

Winding Tree is a blockchain-based decentralized open-source travel distribution platform. We make travel cheaper for the end user, while making it more profitable for suppliers.

No intermediaries means no exorbitant transaction fees and no barriers for entry. Moreover, we allow small companies to compete with big players, finally bringing innovation back into the travel industry.

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Líf Token

Líf is for payments or for participation in platform governance.

Available during crowd sale
Token Presale

Cheaper, Better, Faster Travel

  • For Suppliers

    Suppliers can distribute inventory directly to points of sale, skipping costly intermediaries and bottlenecks to data.

  • For Sellers of Travel

    Access inventory from all suppliers from a single platform with no markup fees and no barriers to entry.

  • For Travelers

    Use Líf to pay directly for travel needs.

Platform Governance

Platform Governance

Thing is the governance part of the Winding Tree platform, where anyone can propose a change in a standard or in a business logic of a smart contract.

Winding Tree Foundation

Winding Tree Foundation

The Winding Tree Foundation strives to make travel better for everyone through its initiatives.

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Winding Tree Team

Maksim Izmaylov, CEO

Maksim Izmaylov is a software engineer and entrepreneur, previously founder of Roomstorm and Travel Tech Con.

Jakub Vysoký, CTO

Jakub is a backend engineer who previously worked on Roomstorm and before on high-load projects like Giant Bomb and Mythbusters.

Pedro Anderson, COO

Pedro is a crypto-investor and a social entrepreneur. Being in charge of partnerships at WT, he had previously sold millions of dollars of SaaS products.

Augusto Lemble,
Blockchain Architect

Blockchain hacker, full-stack developer. He is in charge of smart contracts development, security and integration of the Winding Tree libraries and services.

Nicolás Berger,
Chief Architect

Nicolás is a full-stack engineer and master of Clojure and React. He is in charge of APIs and the testing framework at Winding Tree.

Nodes background

Norm Rose, Advisor

Norm is a travel industry veteran, speaker and writer. He consults big travel companies and governments, including Phocuswright, Expedia, Amadeus, DoT, etc.

William Niejadlik, Advisor

William is a travel technologist with over 20 years of experience (he was the founder and CTO of Vayama). William is also a crypto-investor (Polychain, Tezos) and his wife helped to build Coinbase.

Douglas Rice, Advisor

Douglas Rice is an industry leader in the global hospitality technology industry. He is best known for his role as a founder of the global non-profit industry association Hotel Technology Next Generation.

Johnny Thorsen, Advisor

Johnny is a passionate innovator and enjoys distrupting the status quo. Previously he served as Senior Director of Strategy and Product Marketing for Concur Risk Messaging and Senior Director at SAP Mobile Services. Currently he is a VP of Travel Strategy at Mezi.

Matthew Danzig, Advisor

As one of the founders of, the lean startup, Matthew had designed its economy back in 2004.

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