Winding Tree Introduction


Decentralized Marketplace

Winding Tree is a B2B marketplace for travel inventory fully controlled by its participants. Blockchain technology allows us to get rid of intermediaries, greatly reduce distribution costs and prevent further market centralization.


Governance Platform

Thing is the governance part of the Winding Tree platform, where anyone can propose a change in a standard or in a business logic of a smart contract.


Líf Token

Líf is the native form of payment of the Winding Tree marketplace. It also gives its holders voting rights on Thing governance platform, allowing them to suggest and vote on platform improvement proposals.

Development Plans

  1. August 2017 — MVP Smart Contracts for Hotel Inventory
  2. September 2017 — Token Sale
  3. Early 2018 — Governance Platform
  4. Mid 2018 — Smart Contracts for Car Rentals, Tours and Activities
  5. Late 2018 — Smart Contracts for Airlines


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