Winding Tree

Open source infrastructure for travel inventory distribution



Decentralized Infrastructure

No one owns the distribution “server”, because there’s no this server. Blockchain provides core features and hundreds of Winding Tree API instances provide business logic.


Decentralized Infrastructure

No one owns the distribution “server”, because there’s no this server. Blockchain provides core features and hundreds of Winding Tree API instances provide business logic.


Easy Access

Winding Tree provides set of open source REST APIs for whole distribution workflow. Anyone can deploy them in own infrastructure and get access to the infrastructure.


Direct Distribution

It’s like P2P technology: Winding Tree helps clients (OTAs) get inventory directly from sources (Hotels PMS, Airline software).


Search Service

WAnyone can just download deploy and run own “GDS-like” service and provide access to OTAs. There will be hundreds alternatives of current middlemen, but all with same inventory. The market will adjust distribution fees to lowest.


Data Standards

Revolutionary approach requires a kind of convention over configuration for parties, and this is what our Data Standards about - make inventory information usable across all software in the industry.

How it Works

How it works diagram
Winding Tree is a blockchain distributed ledger which stores URLs and indexes and all the inventory content is stored in distributed database.


Making the sales process less complex, Air New Zealand customers can benefit from reduced transactional costs, while the airline can take advantage of the swift and secure sharing of information

Air new Zealand
Air gateway

In the press

We are proud to be one of the first airline groups to join Winding Tree to develop Blockchain technology” said Sonia Barrière, EVP Strategy and Innovation at Air France-KLM. “With a long-standing commitment to innovation with start-ups and partners, Air France-KLM is constantly creating the future of travel and devising solutions to make the travel experience easier and more personalized. With Blockchain technology, we aim to revolutionize exchanges within the travel industry for our customers, companies and start-ups...Read full article

Designed for Driving Innovation

Winding Tree is a non-profit foundation that drives the development of open-source protocols to allow any company, big or small, or even an individual developer, to try them out and integrate with the platform in no time.

Where to meet our team

Hamburg Aviation Conference
Hamburg, Germany

Welcome to the other kind of event - the reference for innovation in aviation & travel: innovative, impactful, personal, independent, authentic. 21 - 22 February 2019, Ameron Hotel Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Germany

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RE Conference
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

RE is one event of its kind. It is different from any other industry event. Because RE is where innovation meets real business need. RE is where conflict is good. RE is where we celebrate the benefits of frictions because this is what drives our industry forward. ‘RE’ is where you will be immersed in a creative (and unexpected) environment. RE is where you will look closely at the components of the business travel ecosystem and consider the changes that have happened and those yet to come.

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Florence, Italy

It can be defined as an “event-conference” (whilst also being an expo, a seminar, a debate, entertainment and much more) with a schedule replete with organised events – in 2017 alone, there were 160 – over two days dedicated to operators within the long chain of tourism, and not only receptive, to those responsible for governing tourism throughout the territories, stakeholders and communities, those engaged in the marketing and distribution of tourism products, along with all who study, teach and undertake research.

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ZurichPlUs 2019
Zurich, Germany

We all participate on the established travel conference circuit but know heart of hearts that it is not all that effective for engaging and having meaningful discussions with other thought leaders in our complex and ever changing industry. The PLUs Forum (People Like Us) aims to provide a dynamic framework for meaningful and memorable interactions.

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ICAO Blockchain Aviation Summit and Exhibition
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Join us in this inaugural ICAO Blockchain Aviation Summit and Exhibition, a joint aviation and technology event, with the theme Blockchain: Unlock the Potential, which will be convened in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from 3 to 4 April 2019, which is graciously hosted by the General Civil Aviation Authorities (GCAA), and will bring together States, industry, partners and thought leaders to introduce and explore the innovations in Blockchain technology that support sound, safe, secure and economically-viable civil aviation systems.

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