Decentralized Infrastructure

In an open market, the decentralized model is the only way to eliminate the risk of eventual monopolization of distribution.

Easy Access

Access the platform via a set of APIs within minutes. Integrate with the platform within hours. Launch the production-ready version of your software in days.

Lif Tokens

Lif is the fuel of the platform, not only is it used literally to pay the gas of transacting on a public chain, but it is also contains ARI data on inventory and is used as the currency of the platform.

End-to-end Distribution

Winding Tree is not another app or OTA, instead Winding Tree facilitates the creation of hundreds or even thousands of new players to build sites, apps.


In order to succeed the project must be governed and maintained by the users of and community. Only by removing the role of a central authority can we bring innovation back to the industry.

New Products and Businesses

When the inventory is publicly available, travel data is actual, blockchain smart contracts eliminate cheaters and automate routine, it will bring travel to new level of service and open doors to absolutely new business models.

Líf Token

Líf is used to exchange data and value between Winding Tree smart contracts, companies and users.

Learn about Líf
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In the press

"We are proud to be one of the first airline groups to join Winding Tree to develop Blockchain technology” said Sonia Barrière, EVP Strategy and Innovation at Air France-KLM. “With a long-standing commitment to innovation with start-ups and partners, Air France-KLM is constantly creating the future of travel and devising solutions to make the travel experience easier and more personalized. With Blockchain technology, we aim to revolutionize exchanges within the travel industry for our customers, companies and start-ups..." Read full article

Lisa Farrar
Lisa Farrar
Chief digital officer at Nordic Choice Hotels

"It's very exciting, but very early. It's a simpler and cheaper distribution chain that can challenge the booking giants" Read full article

"Reinhard Lanegger, senior venture development manager at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, told CoinDesk, that, specifically, Lufthansa is interested in exploring use cases that would put booking, rebooking and traveler itinerary information on a blockchain. In short, he said both Lufthansa and Winding Tree see the partnership as a win-win – one that allows Lufthansa exposure to new technology experts, and Winding Tree access to experts in the field...." Read full article

"What Lufthansa’s new partnership does is show how airlines and hotels might use the technology in the future to drastically reduce distribution costs. And although Lufthansa joins Air France-KLM in exploring what blockchain can do, Lufthansa has gone the furthest among airlines through its new agreement with Switzerland-based start-up Winding Tree...." Read full article

Designed for Driving Innovation

Winding Tree is a non-profit foundation that drives the development of open-source protocols to allow any company, big or small, or even an individual developer, to try them out and integrate with the platform in no time.

Where to Meet Our Team

You can meet our team members and hear about the platform and whats going on on next events:

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