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Winding Tree


The innovation network for all things blockchain and travel.

Since 2017 Winding Tree has been building decentralized, peer-to-peer and open-source solutions for the travel industry.


Our Vision for Travel

We want to create a world where any travel provider has open-source, permissionless and decentralized tools that allows them to connect directly with their communities. There are many problems we have to tackle to get anywhere close to our vision, here are some of the first we are focused on:


Lower Costs

Distribution costs in the travel industry industry can go as high as 30% whether you are using Online Travel Agents or Global Distribution Systems. Our systems aim to reduce the total distribution costs in travel to 1% or less.


Data Ownership

The volume of data collected by intermediaries is kept away from travellers and suppliers often leaving their hands empty. Our tools give all stakeholders the right to access their data and the ability to choose what they want to do it with.



Distributing a travel product has increased in complexity and today requires dozens of different systems, making it difficult to create a hassle free experience for anyone involved. Our ecosystem is building a set of tools that can simplify yet enhance the process for all travel suppliers and buyers.

Our Ecosystem

Below is an overview of the projects, tools and solutions that make the Winding Tree Ecosystem. Built with 💚 by the core team and our community of blockchain and travel enthusiasts.


Travel Marketplace →

An accommodation marketplace for the crypto community and digital nomads with no commissions.

Services Protocol

Videre Protocol →

The protocol is a blockchain-secured, consumer anonymous, P2P marketplace for real-world services.

Self-Sovereign Identity


A gobal decentralized business registry that makes it easy to verify identitites in-between businesses and people.

ERC-20 Token

Líf Token →

Líf has been in circulation since the ICO in 2017. It currently is used for governance and will have extended utility on Videre and the DAO.


Win is plugging together all the pieces we have been building over the past few years together and showing what a decentralized marketplace can and should be. We launched it in April 2022 in Amsterdam during Devconnect and now building it using the Videre protocol as the backbone. We will be launching it at upcoming crypto events; ETHBarcelona, ETHcc, Devcon and more! Follow the links below to help us take to the next level.


Líf Token Upgrade

The Líf token has been upgraded to a new version. If you own Líf make sure to swap it. For newcomers you can buy Líf directly on Uniswap.

Ecosystem Links

The Winding Tree lives in many different verses, join us there to stay up to date with the project.

Integration & Implementation Support

Winding Tree has been partnering and working with large travel companies which have radically different needs from small to medium businesses. Simard was created as a commercial entity to help you navigate the integrations and implementations needed to benefit from the Winding Tree ecosystem and protocol.


Frequently Asked Questions.

If there is a question missing jump on our Discord #support channel

Isn’t Winding Tree just another intermediary?

The only true way to have have no intermediaries is to create protocols and platforms that are co-owned and governed by the stakeholders that use them also known as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). That includes you, and requires a lot of education which takes time. For now, Winding Tree is another intermediary, however, it does not have a commercial interest, and all of what we build is open-source.

Why has it taken so long to build solutions since 2017?

In 2017, the Winding Tree team embarked on a radically new journey, aiming to build something totally new for the industry which meant that there were many errors to discover and wrong paths to pursue. At the time, the core infrastructure was still being developed and solutions like stablecoins were not as advanced. Today, the Ethereum infrastructure and eco-system has grown and other type of decentralized solutions for storage and messaging are making it finally possible to bring an end-to-end decentralized travel marketplace. The good thing is that we never lost hope.

How can I use Winding Tree solutions today?

If you are an accommodation provider, you can sign-up to join our marketplace, as we are launching in multiple cities this year during crypto events that attract thousands of people. If you are an airline or a travel buyer you can reach out to Simard and they will guide you through how you can use the solutions in the Winding Tree eco-system or join our Discord.

Can integrate with my Property Management Systems (PMS)?

Currently we do not support integrations with PMS or Channel Managers, however, we have a sleek email notificaiton automation. We are aiming to have at least 1 major PMS and CM integrations by end of 2022. You can create a manual integration or ask Simard for technical support.

What is the utility of the Líf token?

For now Líf is being used for governance to vote on proposals on Snapshot. We are currently re-designing the Líf token utilities to work with the Videre protocol. It will be a core component in securing everything that happens in the ecosystem as well as having extended governance use cases. If you want to share ideas around tokenomics and governance please do so on our Discord.

What is the legal status of Winding Tree?

Winding Tree is currently registered at Suite 23 Portland House, Glacis Road Gibraltar GX11 1AA. We are currently working towards transitioning to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and are actively doing research on how to create a legal structure for it. Winding Tree acts as a non-profit organization.

How is Winding Tree financed?

Thankfully, Winding Tree had a succesful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2017 that raised over 17 million euros in ETH. The funds have been used to fund the team to research and create a path towards creating decentralized marketplaces. We are working on creating a transparency report that will include financial disclosures for all of our early supporters as well as a nice token of appreciation 👀.

What happened to the Winding Tree marketplace?

We are currently in the process of re-writing the infrastructure and creating a protocol for the distribution of services. That means that for now the marketplace is not accessible anymore, however, for all of those that signed-up you will get notified and be able to provide inventory on and other marketplaces as they go live. We will also eventually update the APIs that were available to the new protocol and marketplace.

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