Winding Tree Foundation

Winding Tree Foundation

A non-profit organization

Winding Tree Foundation is a non-profit organization incorporated in Switzerland. Its purpose is to develop software projects, data exchange standards and infrastructure with the goal of advancing the travel industry.

Winding Tree foundation currently supports these initiatives:


Maksim Izmaylov


Maksim Izmaylov is a software engineer and entrepreneur, previously founder of Roomstorm and Travel Tech Con.

Jakub Vysoky


Jakub is a backend engineer who previously worked on Roomstorm and before on high-load projects like Giant Bomb and Mythbusters.

Pedro Anderson


Pedro is a crypto-investor and a social entrepreneur. Being in charge of partnerships at Winding Tree, he had previously sold millions of dollars of SaaS products.

Augusto Lemble

Blockchain Architect | Argentina

Blockchain hacker, full-stack developer. He is in charge of smart contracts development, security and integration of the Winding Tree libraries and services into decentralized networks.

Dave Montali


Dave worked on applications of blockchain in travel distribution back in 2015 while at the OSHM. Previous to Winding Tree he worked as a Research Analyst for the travel research institute Skift Research.

Marina Berezovska

Head of Community | USA

Marina is the Founder of Travel Tech Con and the Head of Community at Winding Tree leading strategic open source initiatives.

Alex Menschikov


Alex is a developer, project manager and entrepreneur who launched several startups ( on the Russian market. He also has a 10-year CIO exp. in an international heavy industry company.

Matias Oveja Smith

Core Developer | Argentina

Matías is an experienced developer based in Tandil, Argentina. During the last years, he has worked as a full-stack developer for projects in Argentina, Mexico and the United States.

Nico Calabrese

UI Developer & Designer | Argentina

Nico is an experienced UI designer and developer, passionate about CSS architecture (currently his primary role). During his career, he took part in the development of a wide range of projects, targeting nonprofit organizations, startups, fortune 500 companies and the Argentine & US governments.

Jirka Chadima

Core Developer | CZECH REPUBLIC

Jirka has a lot of experience with both design and development of complex applications in various technologies. In the past five years, he has worked on many projects for multiple startups and banks.

Robin Gottfried

Project manager | CZECH REPUBLIC

Robin is an IT engineer with more than three decades of experiences in software development from CPU hacking to trustless distributed systems.

Julia Pardo


Julia is an enthusiastic autodidact and a power engineer. Her passion for travel and conviction about decentralisation have led her to join the team in pursuit of new horizons.

Spencer Vail


Spencer is a blockchain enthusiast with over 10 years of experience managing customers for Fintech, e-commerce and lending institutions. His passion for travel & blockchain let him to Winding Tree.


Norm Rose

Advisor | USA

Norm is a recognized expert on all aspects of travel technology and travel industry trends. For over two decades, Norm has been an analyst and consultant focused on emerging technologies and how they impact business practices in the global travel industry. He leads Travel Tech Consulting, Inc., a firm that partners with Phocuswright to provide technology consulting to travel companies.

Don Birch

Advisor | Switzerland

After a career working in most aspects of travel and in particular travel distribution, Don has turned his hand to applying his industry experience by investing in and mentoring internet based travel startups and travel businesses that are striving to leverage the wonders of Web2.0 and the on-going evolutions thereof. Don has gained experience with the hype (founder:, with the technology (SITA) and with the important travel agent segment (CEO of Abacus). He is currently a Partner at Travel Innovation Partners.

Douglas Rice

Advisor | USA

Douglas Rice is an industry leader in the global hospitality technology industry. He is best known for his role as a founder of the global non-profit industry association Hotel Technology Next Generation.

Johnny Thorsen

Advisor | USA

Johnny is a passionate innovator and enjoys disrupting the status quo. Previously he served as Senior Director of Strategy and Product Marketing for Concur Risk Messaging and Senior Director at SAP Mobile Services. Currently he is a VP of Travel Strategy at Mezi.


One of the sources of income for the Winding Tree foundation is consulting services and development of proprietary software products for travel companies, with the focus on projects built top of Winding Tree platform.

Do you need help integrating with Winding Tree? Do you need a specific product that is not included in the open-source set of tools?

Inquire about our services



Q1-Q4: Research and PoC
  • Hotel Explorer Prototype
  • Lif Token smart contract
  • Platform Architecture for Hotels
  • ICO Models
  • Project Team Formation
  • Legal Status
  • Pre-ICO
  • Partnership with Lufthansa Group, Nordic Choice Hotels, eRevMax, Zeppelin_OS, RSK


Q1-Q2: Architecture & Core
  • New website launched
  • Hotel Explorer
  • Platform Architecture for Hotels
  • Initial version of Data Exchange Format
  • JS-library
    source code
  • Read API
    source code
  • ERC827 token
  • Successful ICO and Token Generation Event
  • Execute market validation mechanism
  • Team building event in Prague
  • Partnership with Swissport, Swiss Airlines, Sciant, AirGateway


Q3-Q4: APIs & Demo Apps
  • Winding Tree Hackathon
  • Partnership with AirCanada, AirFrance-KLM, HahnAir, Siesta Cloud


Q1-Q4: Real inventory distribution
  • Airline Explorer
  • Hotel Explorer
  • Design System and UI Framework
  • Platform Architecture for Airlines
  • Search API
  • Payments
  • Reputation System
  • Distributed Storages
  • 2nd Layer Solutions
  • Tour Packages Distribution
  • Winding Tree Hackathon
  • Winding Tree Roundtable

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