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In a decentralized travel distribution system, for example, there is no room for rent-seeking intermediaries, therefore the wealth they are currently hoarding will be distributed to the rest of the network, making travel cheaper for travelers and more profitable for travel companies.

Maksim Izmaylov

Founder, CEO

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Winding Tree is an open source and non-profit project. We follow the idea that only open collaborations not for money but for innovations can make real fundamental changes in the world. We welcome open-source developers to our community on github where our source code is open for contribution and forking.


Making the sales process less complex, Air New Zealand customers can benefit from reduced transactional costs, while the airline can take advantage of the swift and secure sharing of information



Where to meet our team

2nd Future Blockchain Summit
Dubai, UAE

The second edition of the Future Blockchain Summit, the world's largest blockchain festival brings to the forefront government visionaries, blockchain revolutionists, startups, investors and the brightest disruptors to marry business sense with opportunity and set the global blockchain agenda.

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ZurichPlUs 2019
Zurich, Germany

We all participate on the established travel conference circuit but know heart of hearts that it is not all that effective for engaging and having meaningful discussions with other thought leaders in our complex and ever changing industry. The PLUs Forum (People Like Us) aims to provide a dynamic framework for meaningful and memorable interactions.

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New Baltic Hospitality Forum
Tallin, Estonia

A conference that will be shaping the future of the Baltic regional hospitality market.

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