Make future of travel together

Make future of travel together

Developers, startups, evangelists and geeks are welcome!

Maksim Izmaylov

Founder, CEO

In a decentralized travel distribution system, for example, there is no room for rent-seeking intermediaries, therefore the wealth they are currently hoarding will be distributed to the rest of the network, making travel cheaper for travelers and more profitable for travel companies.

Jakub Vysoky

Founder, CTO

The Internet is a decentralized ecosystem. Nevertheless, the platforms which are built on top of the Internet tend to monopolize it. Blockchain can help preserving Internet's decentralized nature. The Internet would not exist without open-source and still it is an uneasy task to find proper funding strategies to support open-source projects. Blockchain is bringing value directly attached to the code.

How We Work

Winding Tree is an open source and non-profit project. We follow the idea that only open collaborations not for money but for innovations can make real fundamental changes in the world. We welcome open-source developers to our community on github where our source code is open for contribution and forking.

Already With Us



Winding Tree will provide a testnet network using the smart contract solutions provided by the RSK network, using a two way payment channels we will be able to have a Lif token and smart contract platform for hotel distribution over bitcoin

Zeppelin OS

Zeppelin OS

Winding Tree will provide its own operative system for upgradeable smart contracts in Ethereum reusing all the solutions provided by ZeppelinOS, having a direct collaboration with them on upgradeable smart contracts, on chain libraries, on chain kernels, decentralized governance, etc.

Developers and Contributors

Jakub Vysoky

Matias Oveja Smith

Augusto Lemble

Jirka Chadima

Nico Calabrese

Maksim Izmaylov

Alex Menschikov

Robin Gottfried

OG Satoshi

Dave Montali


Juan Ignacio Gipponi

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You can meet our team members and hear about the platform and whats going on on next events:

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