#HackTravel Prague, CZ
24-25 October 2018

Hackathon is now over, check the recap and we'll see you next time!

status: completed

What it's all about

The hackathon, which was the first of its kind, brought together various airlines, travel companies, and blockchain developers coding solutions collaboratively using Winding Tree’s open source platform.

It was the first time that major airlines, developers, and startups worked on solutions together, openly exchanged expertise, gave feedback, contributed to each other’s hacks with fresh perspectives and picked each other’s brain in the spirit of open innovation.

Industry Roundtable at the Hackathon

As part of the hackathon we also organized the first Winding Tree Roundtable for the airlines eager to get together and openly discuss their business goals, needs, technical challenges and expectations for the upcoming Winding Tree Airline product.

Where to Meet Our Team

You can meet our team members and hear about the platform and whats going on on next events:

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